What is AI?

Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning can help optimise complex decisions.

Machine learning

Machine learning and deep learning can be used to interpret patterns.

Digital twin

Digital twin is a
cyber model of a physical asset.


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Power sector seeks to reap benefits and tackle risks from AI

AI applications are transforming business operations and processes in the power sector as well as the broader economy, leading to greater cost savings, increased efficiency and new services for consumers.


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The power sector in a post-digital age

Executive summary & Definitions

AI offers enormous potential for the energy industry and is a fundamental building block of the clean energy transition...

Opportunities & Applications

AI is an umbrella term for a range of technologies which can simulate human reasoning powers by analysing data.

Data interoperability & quality

Data has been described as the new oil, and there is no doubt that it is an essential ingredient if AI is to work.

Future of work: closing the digital skills gap

Technology is no longer the barrier to further digital evolution.

Responsible & ethical AI

Having an AI-ready culture where digitalisation is perceived as an augmentation of human abilities and...

Enabling policy environment

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called for a coordinated European approach...

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AI application in the energy industry

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Where electricity meets data

Why join the Beyond Digital Platform

Reasons for choosing our platform

Beyond Digital Platform is the first professional forum focusing on unlocking the potential of utilising AI and digital technologies and designing a common vision for the power sector in a post-digital age. The Platform brings together innovation, digital and AI experts from across different sectors to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, find solutions and influence policy. Its mission is to accelerate the energy transition through facilitating the role of AI and digitalisation in the European power sector.

We invite all AI, digitalisation, big data and innovation experts operating in the power sector to go Beyond Digital with Eurelectric and exchange invaluable experiences among other digital experts in the energy space.


Valuable insights and meaningful business connections from direct exchanges with leading AI, digital and innovation experts


Visibility for your company, ideas, products and services


Opportunity to communicate your vision for the EU AI and data policy and agenda

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